Pod 2 is underway!

The second pod has started, with Cubemeister Stevie Boyle’s peasant cube. For this festival of commons and uncommons there are no challenges in play, with two exceptions; Iain carries the Mindsdaver over from the previous pod, and poor Fletch has the self inflicted challenge of also playing in Game Day at the same time.

And we’re off!

Our players are off and running! Look how happy they are! We’ll be here all day, posting to our YouTube channel, and to Twitter and Facebook. Remember, even though the 2016 event is underway, you can still ship us a tenner and set someone a hideous challenge! Or, you know, just donate anyway.

The Law of the Cube – Stevie Boyle

    We’re close to the wire, now. Preparations are reaching a fever pitch here at Cube 24 – but it’s not so busy that we can’t impart a little 360-card wisdom from one of our heroic participants. Step forward Stevie Boyle, Pauper Evangelist and Premium Card Lover extraordinaire. Like some of our other players,…

The Law of the Cube – Stephen Murray

    Today, we have a special Guest Star! While we have many eager cubers booked in for the event on Saturday, there’s always room to squeeze in a post from the odd person who can’t make it… …particularly when that person is perennial Scottish National Team member, Stephen Murray! Cap’n Scotland was kind enough…